Pair up or bring a small crowd - can your group solve the mystery faster than other UChicago alumni?

We have booked a tour to allow UChicago alumni, friends, and family the opportunity to pit their world-renowned intellects against each other and use their best analytical skills to determine which of Mark Twain's characters killed that varmint Pap Finn. Was it Tom Sawyer in the Library with the Wrench? Merlin in the Billiard Room with the Knife? The Pauper in the Kitchen with the Rope?

CLUE Murder Mystery Tours take participants through the various rooms (secret passageway, conservatory, billiards room, and more) of the Twain house as part of the game. Familiar characters replace those in the "CLUE" game as suspects. The famed Hartford-based comedy troupe SEA TEA IMPROV brings Twain's beloved characters to life as the suspects. The CLUE Tours were featured on an episode of the Travel Channel show "Wackiest Tours!"

NOTE: Tour is limited to sixteen persons. Thanks to a grant we are able to offer the tickets at a substantial discount. Due to this, we ask that people limit their groups to no more than four persons, to allow as many alumni as possible to participate.

Event Contact
Margo Lynn Hablutzel AB '86
Staff Liaison



Event Information

Cost: $5 (young alumni); $10 (general tickets)


7:20PM - 9:00PM Fri 8 Sep 2017 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Mark Twain House & Museum
385 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105 USA

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