Alumni Club of Connecticut Leadership Changes

The Alumni Association and UChicago Alumni Club of Connecticut want to thank Funda Gulmen, SM'02, for her leadership, energy, passion, and dedication during her two year tenure as Club President.

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Dear Fellow Alumni -
As current president of the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Connecticut, I wanted to inform you about upcoming leadership changes within the organization.  
It has been my honor to serve in the capacity of president for the past two years and I am pleased with the growth of the organization during this time.  There are various quantitative ways of seeing this progress...the Connecticut club became 4th in the country for alumni engagement, bylaws and a board of directors were established, an annual stream of funding to support activities was created, numerous sold-out events were attended.  Perhaps more rewarding, however, has been to hear qualitatively from members about how their lives have been enriched by the club.  A van full of teens came to an event right after a hurricane hit the State as a place that offered some respite and even warmth.  Another member was so pleased to be reunited with a classmate they hadn't seen in many years.  Someone else was grateful to have a platform where they could discuss their groundbreaking work in cancer treatment research to help patients.  It has been a meaningful endeavor on many levels and I am glad to have had a chance to give back to the University which has afforded me so many of the greatest gifts of my life -- a fulfilling career, intellectual development, and some of the most cherished friends of my life.
As of July 1st, 2014, I will be stepping down from the position and a newly created board of directors will be leading the organization forward as it continues to flourish:
Hartford Programming ChairMargo Lynn Hablutzel, AB'83
New Haven Programming Co-ChairsMarcus Chock, AB'96, and Don Wolanin, SB'77
Fairfield Programming Chair Mark Spergel, AB'75
Immediate Past President - Funda Gulmen, SM'02
Each of these members has already been generous in offering their time and creativity to develop the club over the past two years. We are fortunate to have such dedicated members continue to support the UChicago community here in CT.  I am deeply grateful to each of them and every other alumni member who has offered to volunteer with club activities.  It is really only through this collaborative spirit that we were able to accomplish so much.
I thank each of you for your ongoing support and participation in the club.  I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.
Best wishes,
Funda M. Gulmen, SM'02